PLM with a holistic approach

Good digitalization with a holistic view of PLM.

For us, the concept of PLM is not just linked to a system for product information. A successful change project involves people, working methods, information and technology.

The journey

We help the customer manage product information efficiently, often with a focus on R&D and manufacturing.

We are involved in the journey from needs analysis, system selection, implementation and roll-out.

We follow the life cycle of the product, covering product development, resource planning, marketing & customer relations.


Listening, understanding, explaining and coaching is central to our work.

Our dedicated consultants create clarity by visualizing and prototyping. We lead through training and anchor with the help of internal people from the line – who are linked to the project, spread knowledge, capture issues and educate further.

Ways of Working

To enable people to create value in their work, well-functioning workflows and working methods are needed.

The process must not hinder creativity, flexibility and job satisfaction, it should support everyone at the company and guide people right.

QCM helps you create ways of working that make it easy to do the right thing


Information created during the life cycle of a product should be relevant and easy to find.  By knowing where in the process information is created, who is responsible for it, who consumes, how it relates to other information and how it flows in the business, you create efficiency. Together with the customer, we define concepts and rules for the flow of information in the business. We educate and support your organization to facilitate the work ahead.

System support

We are experts in analyzing system needs and can help you implement IT systems that support employees and company needs. Before purchasing systems, we identify the necessary functions and how to handle data. We create regulations that clarify information flows. We are system independent with good contacts to various system suppliers.

We offer you

Expertise in PLM 
Help choosing the right system vendors 
Prestudy of PLM readiness
Development of rules and concepts for the flow of information 
Consultants who understand people in transition 
Competent trainers 
Coaching and implementation all the way 
A driving team according to the customers needs 
Specialists in change management